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We are Acrotique

Acrotique stands as a pinnacle of excellence in providing gymnastics and acrobatics instruction, embodying the finest qualities of physical and mental development. Our training syllabus enhances children’s gymnastics abilities while cultivating focus, determination, and independence.

We distinguish our academy with many disciplines and our coaches can utilize an array of crucial equipment, including Bars, Beam, Trampettes, Vault, Floor, and Air-tracks, to guide students towards achieving their highest potential.

Classes place great emphasis on fostering independence, resilience, and self-confidence. We challenge our students to push their limits and overcome obstacles in their quest to master a range of essential skills. As they progress, students ascend to the highest rank of Academy, where they will be introduced to higher levels of acro skills. This distinction enables them to access opportunities for competitions and awards.

Our philosophy is founded on the belief that every student has the potential to thrive in a safe, nurturing, and inspiring environment. Our recreational and advanced classes are designed to enrich students' experiences and help them cultivate a lifelong passion for Acrotique style of training. Our team of experienced coaches is dedicated to creating a fun and supportive atmosphere, where students feel confident and motivated to try new skills. 

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