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Photo Video Model

Acrotique Model Release Form ACROTIQUE works with their Coaches to provide a safe and engaging environment, use of photographs or videography would be solely for the purpose of training and or advertising on our social media platforms and on occasion the ACROTIQUE website.


Please read the following statements carefully and by PAYING for relevant class bookings, therefore, confirm you understand and agree to our safeguarding and use of images policy.


Images obtained may include children under the age of 18, as the child's guardian/parent you hereby consent to them being taken and used on the understanding you can revoke authorization for them to be procured or used for ACROTIQUE purposes at any time.


  • Photography or Videography may be obtained for the purpose of:

  • Social media outlets

  • The Website

  • Acrotique Promotional adverts

  • For training purposes


Children may be named or parents “tagged” in a post unless specified otherwise by the parent or guardian


ACROTIQUE will not use any of the images or videos outside of the areas specified above, We will not sell these images and all appropriate data protection rules will be adhered to.


All children have an equal right to be protected from harm. Children need support which matches their individual needs. All staff have an important role to play in safeguarding children and protecting them from abuse. Staff are entitled to work in a safe environment, lessons to be filmed and model release forms used ahead of procuring images or videography.


ACROTIQUE prides itself on following Government Legislation on Children and Safeguarding. If you have further questions please raise them via email:

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