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You are Acrotique

Dont Wait on Potential, Act on it.

Unlock Your Child's Potential with Acrotique's Dynamic Gymnastics and Acrobatics Training.

Discover a world of physical and mental growth as our tailored syllabus elevates your child's gymnastics abilities, fostering focus, determination, and independence.

Explore a Variety of Disciplines and Essential Equipment, Empowering Your Child's Journey to Success.

Experience classes designed to nurture independence, resilience, and self-confidence, empowering your child to surpass limitations and master essential skills. As they progress, they'll soar to new heights within our academy, unlocking advanced acro skills and exciting opportunities for competitions and recognition.

Create Lifelong Passion and Confidence in Your Child with Acrotique's Supportive Environment and Expert Coaching.

Embrace our philosophy that every child thrives in a safe, nurturing, and inspiring space. Our recreational and advanced classes enrich experiences, instilling a lifelong love for our unique Acrotique training style. Our dedicated team of experienced coaches fosters a fun and supportive atmosphere, empowering your child to fearlessly embrace new challenges.

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Notice to parents

Acrotique has a zero tolerance policy for abusive or argumentative behaviour of any kind to its staff. It will not be tolerated and will compromise your child's place at Acrotique Academy.
Acrotique reserves all rights to refuse entry.
Thank you for you cooperation and understanding.

Acrotique Management

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